Dr. De YE
Phone:    86-10-62733798; 62734839
Fax:        86-10-62734839; 86-10-62734837
e-mail:    yede@cau.edu.cn

Research interest: Genetics of plant reproductive development


De YE graduated and received his BS-degree from Hainan University (the former name: South China College of Tropical Crops) in 1982. He then studied as a graduate student in Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). After receiving his MS-degree in 1985, he was chosen for further oversea graduate training in Europe by CAS. He received his PhD degree from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium in 1991 and then worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Max-Planck-Institut Fuer Zuetungsforchung, Germany. He joined ex-Institute of Molecular Agrobiology as research fellow in 1995 after a short stay in Pennsylvania State University. He was promoted to biotechnology research manager in 2000 and joined IMCB as a principal investigator in 2002. De Ye joined China Agricultural University as a Professor in October, 2004.

The main research interest of Prof. Ye’s group is genetic control of plant reproductive development, focusing on gene regulation of cell fate determination, cell growth and cell-cell communication in gametogenesis and fertilization.

Research of Special Interest
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Selected Publications
Liang Y, Tan ZM, Zhu L, Niu QK, Zhou JJ, Li M, Chen LQ, Zhang XQ, Ye D*. (2013) MYB97, MYB101 and MYB120 function as male factors that control pollen tube-synergid interaction in Arabidopsis fertilization. PLoS Geneti 9: 21003933. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003933.

Niu QK, Liang Y, Zhou JJ, Dou XY, Gao SC, Chen LQ, Zhang XQ, Ye D* . (2013) POLLEN-EXPRESSED TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 2 encodes a novel plant-specific TFIIB-related protein that is required for pollen germination and embryogenesis in Arabidopsis. Mol Plant. 2013 May 27. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID:23713077.
Wang L, Wang W, Wang YQ, Liu YY, Wang JX, Zhang XQ, Ye D, Chen LQ. (2013) Arabidopsis galacturonosyltransferase (GAUT) 13 and GAUT14 have redundant functions in pollen tube growth. Mol Plant. 2013 May 24. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 23709340.
Zhou JJ, Liang Y, Niu QK, Chen LQ, Zhang XQ, Ye D*. (2013) The Arabidopsis general transcription factor TFIIB1 (AtTFIIB1) is required for pollen tube growth and endosperm development. J Exp Bot. 64:2205-2218.
Li HJ, Xue Y, Jia DJ, Wang T, Hi DQ, Liu J, Cui F, Xie Q, Ye D, Yang WC. (2011) POD1 regulates pollen tube guidance in response to micropylar female signaling and acts in early embryo patterning in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 23:3288-3302.
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Tan XY, Liu XL, Wang W, Jia DJ, Chen LQ, Zhang XQ, Ye D*. (2010) Mutations in the Arabidopsis nuclear-encoded mitochondrial phage-type RNA polymerase gene RPOTm led to defects in pollen tube growth, female gametogenesis and embryogenesis. Plant Cell Physiol. 51:635-649.
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