Professor of agronomy in College of Agronomy and Biotechnology. He received his B.S.and M.S.degree from China Agriculture University, Beijing, China. He received his Ph. D. in weed science and crop physiology from Auburn University, Alabama, USA. His research program focuses on plant growth regulation by plant growth regulators. Dr. Li received the national award for developing and extension of chemical regulation technology for cotton. He is nominated professor of ChangJiang Scholar Program. Dr. Li was appointed as the vice president for R&D since 2011.

Professor of agronomy in College of Agronomy and Biotechnology. Dr. Li received his B.S.and M.S.degree from China Agriculture University, Beijing, China. He received his Ph. D. in weed science and crop physiology from Auburn University, Alabama, USA. His research program focuses on crop growth regulation and stress talerance improvement by plant growth regulators. Dr. Li received the national award for developing and extension of chemical regulation technology for cotton and corn. He is nominated professor of ChangJiang Scholar Program 2009. Dr. Li was appointed as the vice president of CAU for research since 2011.

Research of Special Interest
Crop Growth Regulation and Stress Resistance, Plant Growth Regulators
Publications      *Correspondence Author
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