Ph.D., Professor
Tel:86-10-62731301 (O)
Areas of Expertise:Plant Growth Regulation and Bioregulators
2004-Present  Professor,China Agricultural University,PRC
2003-2004  Visiting Scholar,North Dakota State University,University of California,Riverside,USA
1999-2003  Associate Professor,China Agricultural University,PRC
1997-1999  Postdoc,Beijing Forest University,PRC
1994-1997  PhD Candidate,China Agricultural University,PRC
1991-1994  Ms Candidate,Beijing Agricultural University,PRC
1987-1991  Undergraduate Student,Shandong Laiyang Agricultural College,PRC
Research of Special Interest
Crop chemical regulation, based on roles of hormones in plant growth and development, has proved to be an effective and potential novel approach for crop cultivation. Although there are lots of reports in molecular mechanism of hormonal regulation applying model plant like Arabidopsis, how hormones regulated important agronomic traits of crops under field condition, such as plant height and lodging resistance, is also poorly understood. The interests of my research group focus on hormonal regulation of growth and development in field crops, and the development of novel cultivation technical systems applying plant regulators to resolve problems in crop production.
1. Hormonal regulation of internodes elongation and lodging resistance in maize
Lodging is a worldwide problem for maize production, our research revealed the hormonal regulation mechanism of internodes elongation in maize stem, and proposed the complementary effects between ethephon and diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate for the first time, invented a new formulation of plant regulator and got registration on maize. Based on compound effects among chemical regulation and other cultivation factors, including maize varieties, sowing date, plant density, fertilizer and irrigation, we developed a new comprehensive cultivation system, resulting in lodging resistance and high yield. Our further research is to study molecular regulation mechanism of maize internodes elongation.
2. Root regulation and stress tolerance improvement in Bt cotton
We presented auxin/cytokinin ratio regulated lateral root initiation and roots apical dominance in maize and cotton seedlings, which helped us to establish the chemical regulation techniques for transgenic insecticide Bt cotton, with stronger roots and robust growth in seedling stage. We found the effects of salinity on toxins expression and insecticidal activity, and indicated that cronatine, a new plant growth regulator, could improve the NaCl tolerance of Bt cotton. Our further interest is how cronatine works and its crosstalk with plant hormones.
Publications      *Correspondence Author
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