Li, Yan
Ph.D., Professor
Tel:86-10-62733396 (O);86-10-62733400 (L)
Areas of Expertise:Plant Tip-Growth and Cytoskeleton
2001 Professor, China Agricultural University, PRC
1996 Associate Professor, China Agricultural University, PRC
1991 Lecturer, China Agricultural University, PRC
1988 Assistant, China Agricultural University, PRC
1995 PhD China Agricultural University Biochemistry
1988 MS  Peking University Cell Biology
1985 BS   Peking University Plant Physiology and Plant Biochemistry
Research of Special Interest

1, Plant tip-growth and cytoskeleton
A few investigations have shown that G-actin and F-actin are in a dynamic balance in living animal cells, and that a change in the balance between F-actin and G-actin could lead to a dynamic change in F-actin filaments. By using FITC-DNase I labeling, coupled to confocal laser scanning microscopy, we found a tip-focused gradient of G-actin in pollen tubes of Lilium davidii. Additionally, circular F-actin bundles were found to be the main form of microfilament cytoskeleton in pollen grains and pollen tubes. Based on these results, we speculate that the circular F-actin bundles may be the track for bidirectional cytoplasmic streaming in pollen tubes (Planta, 2001). On the other hand, we found that the tip-focused gradient of intracellular G-actin concentration at the extreme apex may be essential for root hair growth (Annals of Botany, 2006). Now, our lab is studying the mechanism of plant tip-growth.

2, Structure and function of plant Golgi apparatus
Recently the studies of Golgi apparatus are becoming an active field in cell biology. We found that AtKinesin-13A decorates Golgi-associated vesicles and may be involved in regulating the formation of Golgi-associated vesicles in the root-cap peripheral cells in Arabidopsis (BMC Plant Biology, 2009). Now we are studying the relation and function of these proteins on Golgi apparatus in plant cells.

Publications      *Correspondence Author

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