Xiao, Xing-Guo
Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise:Plant engineering male sterility and Betalains biosynthesis
1995.5 – Present, Associate Professor and then Professor, China Agricultural University, Beijing, PRC
1994.1 –1995.3, Postdoc, CNRS-Paris VI, Paris, France
1982.1-1989.6, Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, CAAS, Zhengzhou, PRC,
1991.1 – 1994.1, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Western Brittany, Brest, France
1989.6-1990.7, Master Candidate, University of P. & M. Curie (Paris VI), Paris, France
1978.3-1981.12, Undergraduate student, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, PRC
Research of Special Interest

Plant engineering male sterility
Stable, complete and easy-recovery male sterility (MS) is imperative to produce F1 seeds. We are looking for methods to create such MS via gene engineering, and focus at “Intelligent MS” whose male fertility will be completely controlled by users, but not by environmental conditions such as temperature and/or light.

Betalain biosynthesis

Betalains are a class of water-soluble nitrogen-containing pigments, comprising red-violet betacyanins and yellow betaxanthins. They replace anthocyanins and serve the analogous functions in 13 families of the order Caryophyllales. Betalains and anthocyanins are mutually exclusive in the angiosperms, and they have never been observed in same plant. Betalain biosynthetic pathway has been widely speculated as that of melanin in animal, and the biosynthesis starts from oxidation of tyrosine catalyzed by tyrosinase although recently a new cytochrome P450 was reported to do the oxidation, too (Nat-Genet, 2012, 44(7): 816-820). We isolated and purified from red Swiss chard one of tyrosinases that could oxidize both monophenols and diphenols in vitro. Now, we are working at functional analysis of tyrosinase gene(s) cloned and are much interested in cloning all genes proposed involving in the betalain biosynthesis with the aim of reconstitution of betalain biosynthesis in vitro.

SDS-PAGE separation and verification of purified red Swiss chard tyrosinase(Food Chemistry, 2009, 117: 342-348)

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