Jian-Xiang Liu
Qiushi Distinguished Professor
Research Area: Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Responses to High Temperature


1998/09 – 2003/06 Zhejiang University, Ph.D.
2000/12 – 2003/01 International Rice Research Institute (Philippines), PhD. Thesis Scholar.
1994/09 – 1998/06 Hunan Agriculture University, B.S.


2017/09-present, Zhejiang University, China, Professor
2009/12-2017/08, Fudan University, China, Professor
2004/11-2009/12, Iowa State University, U.S.A., Postdoctoral Research Associate
2003/10-2004/11, International Rice Research Institute (Philippines), Postdoctoral Researcher
2003/06-2003/10, Zhejiang University, Lecturer

Research of Special Interest

Research of Special Interest

Plant Stress Biology, Unfolded Protein Response, Heat Stress Responses

Publications      *Correspondence Author

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