Wei-Hua Wu, Ph.D., Professor
Tel: 86-10-62731103(O); 86-10-62731322(L)
Research Area: Molecular Mechanism of Plant Responses to Nutrient Deficiency (Low Potassium / Phosphorus) and Abiotic Stress (Salt / Drought)
Research of Special Interest

Nutrient deficiency and abiotic stresses are the main factors that affect plant growth and development in natural environment, and limit the yield and quality of crop production. It remains unclear that how plants sense and respond to these environmental stresses. The focus of our lab is to investigate the molecular mechanism of plant responses to nutrient deficiency (low potassium / phosphorus) and abiotic stresses (salt / drought). By application of genetic, biochemical and molecular approaches, we have identified some crucial genes that play roles in plant responses to these stresses. For examples, some protein kinases participate in these responses by regulating ion channel activities, and some transcription factors modulate the transcripts of ion transporter genes in order to enhance the plant tolerance to these stresses. Through the transcriptional and posttranslational regulation, plants eventually produce a series of adaptive events in both physiological and morphological alterations that help them to survive under these environmental stresses.

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